Great Prices EVERYDAY!

Whether you are buying cases or just one bottle, we believe you should get the best prices EVERYDAY.

We started this business with the customer in mind. Why shouldn't you get the best price everyday on the products you love? That's our mission. No sales and no gimmicks. Just great prices on the products you want.

We start by buying the best deal on the products we carry. We don't stock thousands of items. We only stock the items you love or items with super value for you. We believe if we offer you at great deal, you'll come back to us everytime.

You want more? We can order your favorite items and most items can be delivered by the next day (Monday to Thursday). We stock the best sellers but you can count on us for all your liquor and wine needs.

people say

We work hard to offer our customers the best price on the items they want. We go the extra mile to make them our customers and our friends.
Emilie Petty, Owner
We'll be here for you EVERYDAY. My promise is I will find you the best deals on the products you love. I want to be your only choice for liquor and wine.
Ed Comens, Manager
My background is in wine. Stop by and see me. While we only carry the best sellers everyday, I can locate and order all wines available for sale in NY.